At the start of 2020, the last thing on anyone’s mind was a super virus. 3 months later the only thing on the news & on the lips of people around the world is the superflu COVID-19. As of this moment, we have no vaccine, no real preventive measure other than washing your hands and stay 1 m away from one another, we are all doing our best to not encounter this virus or better yet if we do, hope that we don’t end up seriously ill from this virus. The stigma & fear alone is enough to have people running in opposite directions of anyone who sneezes or coughs.

When I first started writing this, I thought covering ways to boost your immune system would be a great point to kick off my blogging career. But after real serious & deep thinking, that made no sense. There will be many blogs & articles from people more famous & surely smarter than I who will cover that. Instead, I wanted to cover how I am feeling, & I am sure some of you will be feeling the same way.

If I am honest with myself, I am scared. Not scared of becoming infected & having to isolate for 14 days, I am scared for what this virus has done. Global economics are in turmoil, people are fighting in shopping centres for rice, pasta, toilet paper & soap. We are being told to stay home, avoid large gatherings & simply put NOT be social. For social creatures & humans are that, social creatures that is scary & troubling. I can not help but wonder how does one get through this?

Being told I cannot see my family or friends if I was to become sick scares me. Having clients cancel session from fear of contracting this super virus, scares me, will I be able to pay my bills. I am sure many of you whether it be casual workers, contractors or even full-time employees at a business who are at risk of closing, being able to provide for your family & those close to you is scary. As no amount of hard work, hitting budgets or achieving KPI’s will save you if the world shuts down tomorrow to stop the spread of this virus. What would you do?

Fear is a powerful tool. Fear can cripple us & leave one in a deep depression. Yes, we can look at the cost of this virus on the financial market, but what is the cost on the mental welfare of everyday people living week to week? What is the cost on our relationships when we are hoarding for our own safety and not giving to those in greater need than ourselves? I don’t imagine those caught on social media resulting in physical violence over toilet paper are proud of their actions or feel that they did it for the protection of those they love. It is toilet paper, after all, those actions come from a primal place of FEAR. Survive instants are amazing when channelled into creative and constructive means. We are far from currently.

Does the media have to answer for the 24/7 bombardment of COVID-19 coverage to keep us in this heighten fear factor style position? What happened to the good news stories? What about the stories showing that an estimated 80,000 have recovered from this with no issues whatsoever? How did we become conditioned to fear this virus, when we live in an age where information is instant & for the most part of the developed world accessible at any time we want? The unknown of this virus has created a larger fear than normal. After 9/11 we had a face & a name to hold accountable, this is an agent of fear with no name, no face, no race, no gender.

The cost of this virus will be high, governments will look to keep economies afloat & people in jobs. The cost we need to look at is what structures are in place for those struggling mentally. I for one know the gym is my place to centre myself & let out my frustrations of the world, to channel that into a constructive means to improve my body & mind. So, I ask you the reader, what is your outlet? What is your escape your place to recharge & rejuvenate from the day’s worries? Is it reading a book, escaping the city to retreat to the wild? Is it talking to & being around those you love?

E.D.S.O, (Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin & Oxytocin), Endorphins & Dopamine are two chemicals that are released into the brain when we hunt, gather or achieve, we feel good when these are released & they make us want to achieve more. On the other side, we have Serotonin & Oxytocin, they are released when we cooperate or look out for others. They help us build trust, security, belonging & camaraderie. They help us to create our circle of safety where stress can decline, fulfilment rises & we look out for one another. Now more than ever we need all these chemicals to fire in the right order to help us through this period of human history.

Might I suggest, no implore you to reach out to your neighbour, friends & family, ask them how they are coping, be honest, be vulnerable for there is a community in sharing! Sharing will bring us back to together, sharing will allow us to trust again, to see the bright side to humanity.

As Simon Sinek says,

“Better we all suffer a little than anyone should have to suffer a lot!”


Nick Stock

Owner of Takingstock Health & Fitness


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