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Ensuring your child is healthy and fit is a big concern for a lot of parents. After school sports and competitive events on the weekend are great ways for children to grow socially and physically. Too often child are put into a sport with little to no preparation. Talent or enjoyment takes centre stage.

Much like adults, a child needs to have their body prepared and ‘conditioned’ to the activities they wish to do and enjoy. Having your child attend a Youth Athlete Program is the perfect space for them. This allows the talent, skill and enjoyment to be harness into an area where they can condition and safely prepare their bodies for the varies sports they attend. Strengthening their bodies and minds while allowing them to compete at their highest level and lowering their chances of injuries and downtime from their sports.

What does our Youth Athlete Training Program offer? To begin we take every child through our initial consult to uncover the best plan to improve performance. We do this to find out where our focus needs to be and what the overall goal is so we can ensure the training is tailored to you.

This includes movement limitations, strength imbalances, recovery, nutrition and mindset strategies.

Next, we look to cover the basic principles of movement. This will take different times depending on athlete starting point and dedication to the homework, some take weeks, some months, it depends on the athlete.

Once approved you will be put into one of our teams that will suit your needs and schedule, although working with other athletes each individual is considered and programmed for with their specific needs and requirements.

Teams start from 14 years old and up

For elite Youth Athlete Training Program packages typically for those 16 yrs – 21 yrs in high level, state and national competitions, others times and groups are available.

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