I appointed Nick during covid lockdown where my gym membership was paused… I found Nick to be professional and knowledgeable.. He kept the sessions fun and interesting, whilst targeting my areas of concern. He listened to my needs and expectations.. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick..

New Breed of Trainer

I am so glad Nick reached out to me when I was on the look out for a personal trainer. Nick goes above and beyond, to help you achieve your fitness goals, while also creating a fun and comfortable environment during sessions. Very professional, reliable and overall amazing trainer and business owner!

Feeling Great Post Babies!

I started working with Nick when I was 5 months postpartum with my second child. He was able to pinpoint which muscle groups were weak based on my movements and knew how to strengthen core muscles post-baby. To help me, he created a comprehensive training program to improve those areas of weakness. Nine months later, I am happy to say I feel stronger and more stable than I have in many years, even before having children.

Another goal of mine was to improve my endurance, specifically in triathlon. He analyzed my running and knew right away which muscles needed strengthening. Working with Nick, my running technique is so much better. Specifically, I was able to achieve a personal best time in the Melbourne half marathon last weekend and had the confidence to sign up for a half Iron Man next month.

Nick is committed, very knowledgable and constantly trying to improve his performance through self-directed learning and courses. On top of that, he is very personable and fun to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone, from postpartum women to athletes looking to improve performance.


Nick was very knowledgeable and measured in his assessment of my specific fitness needs i.e. his assessment was individualized. I am confident that I will achieve my fitness and wellness goals with Nick..

Great PT, very refreshing

Great communication and will really try to get you what you want. Devises a personalized program that fits your goals. Passionate and enthusiastic.


Nick is an incredible trainer. I initially thought his assessment of 12wks to a changed physique was a bit unrealistic but we’re 6wks in and I already look way different and have had incredible strength gains. I recommend him unreservedly – he really knows his stuff.

Tino – Patient, Personable, and Great Results!

Nick is a fantastic coach who is always open to learning and you can tell from everything he has to share that he really invests in keeping up to date with fitness knowledge.

Other than his knowledge, his warm and welcoming smile/ personality is encouraging and uplifting and creates trust which is important to get a great result.

Thanks, Nick for all you do.


Life Changing

7 years ago I started my journey with Nick, along the way I have had to stop and start, yet he has always met my needs and helped me get to new levels. Working around and strengthening injuries, adjusting to me, and how I feel on the day. Nick has truly changed my life. Nick has supported me through many of lifes challenges, he is a friend, a mentor and My Trainer.

You won’t get any better than Nick!

Nick was referred to me by a friend who has been a long-time client of his. I said to her that I’d been struggling to lose weight and tone up on the diet and exercise regime I was on, and she suggested I see Nick to get the results I was after.

From day one, I felt like Nick got me – he knew my body type, what it had gone through and why I wasn’t achieving results. His commitment was evident immediately; he was quick to get me on a plan and took the time to explain all of the movements and activities as we did them together in person.

I can’t speak highly enough about Nick. You won’t find anyone as committed as he is and the results are definitely speaking for themselves.

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